Welcome to Elisras, Limpopo, South Africa

Lephalale, the future of power generation in South Africa.
Lephalale is proud to be in the middle of one of the biggest development projects in South Africa...

The Projects close to us.
Madupe Power Station
Projected Sasol Plant
Mabula Coal Project in Botswana

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Located at the Lephalale Civic Centre on the corner of Joe Slovo and Douwater roads, Onverwacht, Lephalale. Contact details:

Tel 014 7632193 / Fax 014 7635662 / E-mail: [email protected]


Lephalale has 3 hospitals: Ellisras Provincial Hospital - 82 beds

                                      Marapong Private Hospital - 15 beds

                                      Witpoort Provincial Hospital -                                      42 beds

Lephalale has 6 clinics as well as 3 mobile clinics.

Lephalale has a number of 5 pharmacies, and is served by professional medical doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, educational psychologists, social workers as well as specialists visiting Lephalale from Pretoria and Polokwane.


The local Mogol Club Sport Centre offers outstanding sport and recreational facilities including 32 sport subsections, of which the Mogol 18 hole championship glof course is a hidden gem.

Well equipped sports facilities are also found in Marapong and several rural villages in Lephalale.


A beautiful 2 200 m tarred airfield exists near the town.

AD ELEV 2793`     Ellisras FAER   S 23 ` 43.6` E 27` 41.3`


The Lephalale population totals 105 000 of which 19 500 is urban based.


Pre-primary schools : 10

Primary schools: 95

Secondary schools: 35

Abet Training Centre: Mokolo Academy

Lephalale FET College: is a state-aided College providing post-school, theoretical vocational training. The College focuses on trimester courses in Business Studies in the GET, FET and HE bands. Short courses in Basic computer literacy are also offered. Short courses are also offered at the Skills Training Centre, which concentrate on skills needed in the game farm, hunting and eco-tourism industry. Contact-Tel 014 7632252.



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